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sql2016-WIn10: standard,for SQL servc-account..

On the following screen you need to provide the service accounts that SQL Server services will use. As you can notice, SQL Server setup provides virtual accounts by default, they are auto-managed, they can access the network on a domain environment by using the credentials of the computer account.

 However, I still recommend to create a local user or use a domain user account to start SQLServer services.

Microsoft recommends you to specify an individual account for each service.

I was not able to find yet exact MSDN article that would suggest "Microsoft recommends you to specify an individual account for each service."...

what standard do you recommend/practice in this, and do you see any proc/cons either way..

this is for a local workstation on a domain, dedicated to sql2016 to connect local instance and across network.

the service is going to the same: SQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT
the question is about the best or correct standard going about creating the ServiceAccount.

the sql2016 install will be done on an disk, image made and then that image will be put on 10 other PCs. (so that 11 SQL installs don't have to happen)
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