Server pull test

Alireza Ghasemieh
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what is server pull test and when should we perform it?
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When using blade servers you can simulate a server failure by pulling it from it's sockets. (a bit like a power off by pulling the power cords together with network cabling, with a boxed server), not a power off by pressing the power button etc. (Which might go through a bunch (or only a bit) of shutdown procedures, cleanly closing down databases).

Using shutdown procedure(s) might invoke a clean cut-over services in recovery & monitor tooling.
Using these abrupt methods will (if correctly configured) cause recovery of databases before continuing a service.

But there are worse conditions to consider. Total failures of equipment are easy fe. compared with if only the primary communication between 2 sites/systems fails.
(ie, no heartbeat signal across, no synchronisations, both sides go their merry way... aka Splitbrain issues)...
Or hard to notice partial failures of equipment, like a network connection that has 10, or 20 or 30% packetloss, same for storage channels with 10, 20, 30% packet loss.
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you aren't referring to Desired State Configuration Pull Server, are you?
Alireza GhasemiehNetwork Engineer


Yes I mean Desired State Configuration Pull Server, anyway I found answer elsewhere.
Thank you

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