Robocopy Script As Scheduled Task Without Admin Permissions

I'd like to use Robocopy to copy folders between two servers on the same domain. I've got a working script, but I have the requirements to use a Domain User that is not in the Local or Domain Administrator's group (this is a requirement from above). So, I've created the user DOMAIN/Scheduled_Tasks.

This is going from a Windows Server 2012r2 to Windows Server 2016 machine.

This script works when I run it manually (as I am logged in to the Server as an Administrator), but I get the error "Access is denied" when I attempt to run it with the created User DOMAIN/Scheduled_Tasks, which is the biggest clue that it's permissions driven:

ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Accessing Source Directory \\\D$\Folder\Webs\www_site_com\
Access is denied.

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I've given Security Folder Permissions to the DOMAIN/SCHEDULED_TASKS users (everything from Read/Execute to Full Control). I've also added the DOMAIN/SCHEDULED_TASKS user to the "Log On As Batch" local GPO.

I'm curious as to what I'm missing since adding the DOMAIN/SCHEDULED_TASKS user to the local Administrator group isn't an option. Also of note is that I set this up per McKnife's response from a couple weeks ago.

I appreciate any insight from fellow Windows Admins.

TessandoIT AdministratorAsked:
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The $share is not accessible by non-admins. This is a system default and it cannot be changed. You will nee to share that folder once more (share d:\ as "d" maybe) and give that user permissions to use the share,

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TessandoIT AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks McKnife. Would that be a share on the Source or Destination D: drive?
On the source.
TessandoIT AdministratorAuthor Commented:
This worked. Thank you for your help!
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