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Microsoft access time counters

I am using a button in a form to extract 7 reports to 7 pdf files.
I wanna add some counters to my form :
-start time (button click)
-Elapsed time ( a chronometer format 00:00:00:00 hh:mm:ss:00) should refrech every millisecond )
-end time( all pdf files created with success )
if possible , i don't want a sample for download, i want a detailed code by steps.
Microsoft Access

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)

<i don't want a sample for download, i want a detailed code by steps. >
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I would not use a timer to refresh the form.  I would simply update the form after each export. Create the necessary form with fields named as below.

Dim FileNum as Int
FileNum = 0
Me.txtStartTime = Now()
Me.txtFileName = "whatever the first filename is"
Me.txtFileNum =  FileNum + 1
"your export code"
Me.txtElapsedTime = DateDiff("ss", Me.txtStartTime, Now())
Me.txtFileName = "whatever second file name id"
Me.txtFileNum =  FileNum + 1
"your export code"

Me.txtEndTime = Now()

The elapsed time should increment every second
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John Tsioumpris

Use the on timer event..with interval 1000 --> 1000ms --> 1s
or use the stopwatch class
You create a class module and you paste the following code

Private mlngStart As Long
Private Declare Function GetTickCount Lib "kernel32" () As Long

Public Sub StartTimer()
    mlngStart = GetTickCount
End Sub

Public Function EndTimer() As Long
    EndTimer = (GetTickCount - mlngStart)
End Function

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The code is used like this
Dim sw as StopWatch
Set sw = New StopWatch

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Paul Cook-Giles

1.  Dim a public variable in the form's module:  Public dtStartTime As Date
2.  Drop an unbound text field on the form, named txtTimeDisplay
3.  In your button that generates the PDFs, put    
dtStartTime = Now()

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before the output commands  
4.  In the Form_Timer event, put
If dtStartTime > #12:00:00 AM# Then   
   Me.txtTimeDisplay = DateDiff("s", dtStartTime, Now())
End If

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5.  In your button that generates the PDFs, put
dtStartTime = #12:00:00 AM#

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This will give you an updating display of the number of seconds passing between the two variable population lines.

I can provide code that converts the number of seconds to HH:MM:SS, and/or populates another display field with the elapsed time.  :)

And what is the code ?
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Paul Cook-Giles

Get the elapsing seconds display working, and I'll work on the conversion code (which is a separate function).
Paul Cook-Giles

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