Veeam Backup servers hold the Hard Disk of the Backed up VM

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Veeam Backup servers hold the Hard Disk of the Backed up VM

I need a Powercli command or a way to find the Hard Disk of VMs that are still showing up in "Edit Settings" of Veeam Back up servers
I can go to each Veeam Backup server open "Editing Settings" and check each Hard disk to see to which VM it belongs to, but we have several Veeam Back up servers, and I want a command or a way to report that.

I found this command in Powercli : Get-HardDisk ......
However you will have to enter thw name of VM(Veeam back up servers) one at a time in the command.

Thank you
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Since I do not know your Veeam Servers name, you could run something like this

Get-VM |  Where {$_.Name -like “Veeam*”} | Get-Harddisk | Format-List

This will show all disks inside any VMs that have the name Veeam.

Hope this helps

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By the way I wrote an article regarding issues that we can have with Veeam and these Virtual Disks that sometimes is added by Veeam.

It could be useful:
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If your Veeam Servers still have hot disks added of VMs that's a fault an issue you need to check as your VMs will be running on a snapshot if the backup has finished.

I would set a snapshot alarm....

Or search for Snapshots


Thank you

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