Backup and restore Shoretel Shoregear 220T1A configuration

Eric B
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We run on a ShoreTel ShoreGear Voice Switch 220T1A - ST005.  I am paranoid about failure so I purchased a second one from eBay.

I would like to backup the configuration on ours and restore it to the recently purchased one then store it away.   I thought I could use PuTTY via the serial port but I don't believe it has a backup function, merely view and modify.

Or is there a better approach?  We run on a PRI and have 2 backup analog lines.

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Not familiar with shortel, but "backup" with routers/switches/voice ...... is often achieved by copying startup/running tftp or copy startup/runningftp.
So a restore would involve copy tftp startup/running or copy FTP startup/running...

Other functionality might involve another step. If they have voicemail, etc. those would likely be inaccessible ..
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Looks like the switch must be added to the network, then put on as a backup switch via the ShoreTel server software.
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