Jupiter 80 keyboard seems to be split. How do I make it ALL piano?


My new Jupiter-80 is okay, as a Synth keyboard.

I am used to my clavinova's perfect piano setting.
I can only get hints of my Jupiter's piano setting. It seems to always work in halves, upper and lower.
How do I make it ALL piano, no synth?

beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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On my keyboard I can set the presets type of instruments as in all piano . I have to switch off the chords section to achieve a full piano .
You should have different chords and different coloured sections however your keyboard is far more advanced than mine but hopefully has similar settings.
The lower part of the keyboard is the chords section. Look around for all the choices for chords lower section do see any buttons lit up that you can turn off for the chords section? so that in turn turns off any specific effects for chords.
youtube video guides
Roland Jupiter-80 - demo of main sound categories (part 1 of 2)

Roland JUPITER-80 Video Tutorial - Part 19 - Playing the Preset Registrations
Roland JUPITER-80 Video Tutorial - Part 2 - Overview

See if this manual helps you with regards to the piano presets there is more digital manuals available .
You might have to register yours?

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beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:

Glad it helped you beavoid. That's a classy keyboard you have looks like intense learning.
All the best
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