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Need 1year retention for logs - Archive

Sunny k
Sunny k asked
Last Modified: 2017-03-25
Hi ,

I want to know how to set up a archive process which will keeps the data for 1 year in tsm.
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arnoldEE Topic Advisor, IT Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019

Extremely detail limited query.
What is your existing backup/data retention plan.
How much data is involved?
lets try it this way the one year retention means that is how far back your index should allow you to go to locate a version of a file.
I.e. A person comes to you saying FileA is missing and the last time that file was accessed is a year ago?

Presumably you are using disk to disk to tape backup and would like the option to pull tapes ..
How much variability are you willing to tolerate, how large of a tape library do you have/can maintain...

Your backup plan combination will achieve what you need.
Amount of total data, amount of daily/hourly changes depending on the amount of data you can tolerate losing versus how long you are willing to ve down in the event of a catastrophic situation where everything has to be restored.
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Thanks Alex for your comments . As of now there is no requirement for this. I just wanted to know how it will work and the procedure in TSM.
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