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Purpose of use Manrake,suse,Gentoo and some  different  distros?
where can I find that information?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Perhaps it would be simpler if you tell us what you intend to use linux for, then we can make recommendations that match your intended use.  There are many different distributions and each one considers itself superior, usually for multiple reasons.
They're all basically the same linux and can run the same tools.  They just focus on different areas and make certain things easier to do on one system or the other.

Of the 3 you listed:

Mandrake is obsolete and became Mandriva which has disappeared, but there are people that support it as openMandriva.

SUSE includes Xen as part of its install, making it quite easy to set up VMs, and is geared towards enterprise users, like Redhat is.

Gentoo claims to be easy to configure for the developer.

They different flavors mainly run different package managers for installing software, but they are all linux and can run the same linux libraries.  You could technically compile the package managers from other systems and use them.  Back in the earlier days, you compiled a lot of the tools yourself.
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Distrowatch is a site where you can get info on just about every Linux distribution that is available. Maybe it's useful for you:
Technical EngeneerTechnical Support Specialist
Echoing the person above me, Distrowatch is a great resource. Wikipedia also has a very helpful comparison:
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)

A mids everything that is said above of which I agree with the experts, my two cents is to set up vm on your current machine and take them for a test drive, then choose the one your most comfortable with and suites your needs.

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