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VPN connection


  How to connect my laptop to my office through VPN.Already i was joined my office domain in my laptop. And then i create a new connection "VPN" and enter the domain name and then click create.

 Now Our domian name has been showing in network adapter.And my laptop now connected my office wifi.If i try to connect it will ask username & password. If i give my credentials & server credentials also wont accepted.What should do?please suggest me.
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I got a error "Error connecting to VPN connection Error 0x800B010F : Ther certificate's CN name does not match the passed value.
And I configured SSTP connect it is correct r change  PPTP,L2/IP sec,IKv2,etc..
change security tab setting as followUser generated image

  Still now could not connect.Any other setting have been change?
Asking Username & password while connect to the network.after that showing error message --->remote connnection was not made because attempted VPN tunnels failed.coonection is attempt to L2TP/IPsec tunnel,secuirty paramaeters required for IPsec negotiation might not be properly.

Username --> Administrator or domain name\administrator ?
password  --> Domain password ?

Please clarify my doubt.

I am already connect to my domain through wifi in my laptop.This is any problem?
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Thank you for your response .Now we are small organization>so we dont we dont have any special VPN server.I dont know VPN server need for VPN connection.We have a one local server in our company.We want to connect my laptop in this server.
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Whenever you connect from outside (i.e. Internet) to a server, which has to be connected to a router, you need to set up the router to allow corresponding traffic (port/protocol forwarding). The setup depends on what you choose as VPN technique.
Is the VPN server (Windows Server?) directly connected to Internet, or is there a router involved? If the later, which brand and model? Who manages it?