Using 5 Access Point or 1 AP + 4 Range Extender?

In our office we have a big area and i want to provide good wireless signal for every department. I am going to use linksys devices.

First Scenario:
I will connect 1 access point and 4 range extenders. But nearly 150 people will connect to 1 access point and i am not sure that access point can handle that.

Second Scenario:
I will connect 5 access points and each ap can handle its own users. The question is people always walking around and every time when they passed to another area what will happen? Is it going to work perfectly if i put the same SSID and should i select different channels?

Also i want to ask that i will use same sub net for everything, If any virus comes from phones can it reach to our domain file sharing system somehow? Or should i use different hardware switch from my fortigate firewall for wireless connectivity? Because people probably want to print from their phones too. What is the best setup for this?

Arda IskenderInformation TechnologyAsked:
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Craig BeckCommented:
5 access points is the way to go.

If you have concerns, use VLANs at your switch to separate the wired and wireless networks. The firewall can be used to route traffic between the VLANs if needed.

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Andrew WrightIT CoordinatorCommented:
With regard to the channels, you can stagger the channels 1,6 & 11 but make sure your SSID is the same also set up a radius server to authenticate user across the AP's.
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