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Managing DSNs in CF 11


Does CF 11 need registry access to update ODBC DSNs?  I recently installed CF 11 in secure mode and don't recall if I gave it registry update access or not.  During testing, I tried to add a MS Access DSN and got the following:

Unable to Update the NT registry
Variable DRIVERPATH is undefined

Am also unable to delete any DSNs as well.


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This isn't specific to MS Access, but to any DSN entry; I'm unable to delete or add any DSNs  (I imported a CAR file to get the initial ones in there).
Did some more testing and my previous reply was incorrect; I was able to add and remove a SQL Server DSN.  I just can't add or remove a MS Access one.  Given that my goal is to get rid of all of them, what I will try is manually deleting them by editing the neo-datasource.xml file.

What could possibly go wrong? :)

>> What could possibly go wrong? :)

Lol.... don't say that! Are you trying to jinx yourself? ;-)

Seriously though, editing the xml file sounds like a good plan. After making a backup first of course :)
Looks like the editing tools I have don't do a great job with xml that is missing cr or cr/lf EOL indicators.  I looked at the # of DSNs I need to create and decided it was just easier to type them all in, as I have a working copy on the production server I can compare to.  

The bottom line on this is: if you install a 64 bit version of CF, be prepared for heartburn if you use Access databases.  In my situation it is easy enough to convert them to SQL Server.  But for those who can't, the links above from _agx_ are well worth browsing.