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I purchased a q-see security system. I have it on my computer but I do not know how to set it up securely. I would also like to activate it on my phone. I have a copy of the purchase receipt if you need me to send it to verify this is my system. Thank you
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Some pointers
-Change default password for default account such Admin to another password.

-Adopt a strong passphrase for all user and Admin

-Setup your recovery email account in event you forget password -

-Do not share password across the user or use the same password from other of your account

-Recommend that you change password every 90 days or your choosing and not be a "set-once and forget"

-Do check also if any other unnecessary account existence and remove them to avoid unauthorised access
RaghavIT Specialist

If you have difficulties in setting up the security system then the ideal way is to refer to the product documentation or call their support.

You can get support and guides / manuals on their website.

Good luck with this.

btanExec Consultant
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As per advice given.

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