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could you please help me suggest a good CRM for my own use to track leads and oppurtunities ?

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I suggest Zoho CRM:

It's free for up to 10 users, 1GB of storage, and 25,000 records (along with some other limitations):

As you can see in the pricing/features comparison chart above, if you need more capabilities than the Free edition has, other editions are reasonably priced.

All of Zoho's products are cloud-based, so they work fine via a browser. I use Zoho CRM myself and have deployed it at several small companies — it is very good. I know of one small company that replaced the relatively expensive Salesforce CRM with the relatively inexpensive Zoho CRM and felt that it was just as good.

Regards, Joe
I've had excellent results using Sugar CRM Community Edition (free). Installs all over, can use public/private cloud if that's how you want to go. Paid editions are available.

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