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Terry Ambrosius

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In sql, how to roll up multiple rows to only one row.

Hello,   did not think this would be to difficult, but cannot find a clean way to do this.     First I am not a SQL person by no means.
I have a table with multiple rows of data and need to roll it up to one row of data.  

spec       code
12345    abc
12345    def
67891    xyz
67891    rst

need the data to look like
spec      code1 code2
12345    abc     def
67891    xyz      rst

I tried the xml feature, but how to get rid of the xml tags in the output,  
Tried stuff command, but code not get it to work yet.  

Must be an easier way.     Any help/example would be appreciated.
Would be creating a view once I figure out how to make that work.
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Julian Hansen
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You are wanting to do a PIVOT. Is the number of variations on code a small or a large number?

If code is variable (not known upfront or a large number) you might need to do this with a script
Here is a reference to pivot example,

As Julian pointed out, your table structure requires additional work.

That then gets pivoted to the table you displayed.
The type is the column on which the data is pivoted.

In a structure such as yours, you may have to as Julian pointed out run a query that converts your two column structure to three adding type.
On which the pivot can act.
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Terry Ambrosius


Thanks all for the info.