What would the best remote access software option be for me when the most important is to keep control over files and chatting?

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I need a remote access software that gives me complete control over files and where I can conveniently chat with the programmer while he works with my Excel file.

I use TeamViewer now, but I am hesitating to continue to use it because I might need it for commercial use later, and if I choose TeamViewer now, it might be harder to switch to another later on. If I use TeamViewer for commercial use, the drawbacks are the high price and not good options for upgrading:


Some alternatives seem to be ScreenConnect, GoToManage, etc.:


It seems I can make TeamViewer very safe (and also deny file transfer) with the advanced options:


Connection speed is not the top priority, but being able to chat at the same time as someone is working remotely with an Excel on my computer while this Excel can't be transfered is the top priority.
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You can always use VNC which is free(some versions are paid) and doesn't get the current user disconnected
There are a lot of VNC versions floating on the Web each with various features to suit your needs like UltraVNC
Of course it requires some initial installation work but other than that is solid and it won't cost anything...


Thanks, I might try VNC then.

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