Create New DFS Domain-Based Namespace Powershell

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Hello trying to create a new DFS (root) domain based namespace using powershell and for some reason it is not working.. Can someone please shed some light and guidance? I have all the necessary role and features installed on 2012 (where DFSN cmdlets only work) Thank you so much!

New-DfsnRoot -Path \\\Location -TargetPath \\Server1\DFSROOT  -Type DomainV2
New-DfsnRootTarget -Path \\\Location -TargetPath \\Server2\DFSROOT
New-DfsnRootTarget -Path \\\Location -TargetPath \\Server3\DFSROOT

FYI... Share path D:\DFSRoots\Location are all established already on Server1, Server2 and Server3
And the shared folder permissions is the default --> All users have read-only permissions
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