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Hello Experts. My company is in the middle of migrating our local Exchange server users to our Parent Companies exchange. They have tasked me with exporting all Shared Mailboxes along with the permissions assigned to each user for them. I have exported the results, but i noticed that in our Exchange 2010 environment, all shared mailboxes show as 'User Mailboxes'. Is this wrong?, were we suppose to convert these to Shared mailboxes? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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Exchange 2010 only considered "Shared Mailboxes" as an attribute tag on the mailbox that was used for easy licensing identification only (Shared Mailboxes don't require an Exchange CAL). "Shared" mailboxes are, as far as Exchange 2010 is concerned, just user mailboxes that multiple users have access to. Recent updates to Exchange 2013 and 2016 at release improved the Shared Mailbox methodology so that they were actually mailboxes that were attached to disabled user accounts. The shared mailboxes could only be access by users who were granted specific permissions on the mailboxes. That said, those versions of Exchange will still identify the mailboxes as "User Mailboxes" because they are not Public Folder Mailboxes. A user mailbox in Exchange 2010 is any mailbox that is tied to a User account in AD.

For your report, you'll have to determine which mailboxes have multiple users accessing them, then export the list of users who have been granted full access or delegate permission (or, depending on how your environment handles permissions, the discreet permissions for the mailboxes in question). If the mailbox has been tagged as a Shared Mailbox, you can look it up easier in EAS, but those mailboxes will show as if they were still User Mailboxes.
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The mailboxes you are planning to move are not shared mailboxes. They are user mailboxes and used as shared mailbox. You might need to convert them into to shared mailboxes or move them as it is.

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