Visio 2016 : Can't access UML diagram properties

I am using Visio 2016 Professional edition.
I am not able to find an option to add operation and attribute to a class ( in UML Class diagram) .
After adding a class , when I double click on the class it provides a way to change the class name but don't find an option to add attributes and operations.
I followed similar problem for Visio 2007 but I have all the settings as mentioned in this page still it didn't work.
Please help.
Yogesh BabuSoftware developerAsked:
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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
In the UML shape design for Visio 2016, the Class shape is a Visio "list" and each text shape -- what you want to be the attributes and operations -- is a "member" of the list. That's why when you drag a new Class onto the page it looks like the one on the left classes To turn it into something like the one on the right, there are four things to know:
1) To turn a generic member into an attribute or operation: select a member shape and start typing (or you can double-click and then type).
2) To add a new member to a class, drag a member shape from the UML Class stencil. If you hesitate when the cursor is over the Class shape, you'll see an orange insertion bar (see image below), which will help you position the separator exactly where you want it.inserting new member     or
     Right-click any existing member and select either Insert 'Member' Before or Insert 'Member' After.
3) There is a separator shape (the dotted line) in the Class object. If it gets deleted, or you need another one, drag a Separator shape from the UML Class stencil and drop it between any two members.  
4) You can change the sequence of members in the Class shape simply by selecting them and dragging them up or down. Pausing slightly while doing this will cause the orange insertion bar to appear to help you position the shape where you want it, just like adding a new member or separator.
BTW, if you want more background info on containers and lists in Visio, I wrote a set of three articles for EE a couple of years ago. The articles probably contain more information than you want at the moment, but containers and lists are pretty cool structures that you can use for a variety of purposes. You'll find them used for various purposes by Visio itself, e.g., swimlane diagrams, wireframes, data graphic legends, but you can also use them yourself if you want help organizing part of your diagrams. The first article is here and it contains links to the second and third.

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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
Yogesh -- did the information I supplied above help? If so, please accept my answer as the solution. But if not, let me know what additional help you need.
Yogesh BabuSoftware developerAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott , this is exactly what I was looking for . Thank you very much for the detailed explanation :) I previously used EA where everything is just a right click . Now understanding how visio works with your information.
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