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Excel sheet formula auto-fill

I have 3 sheets in an Excel file. On the second sheet, there's a 'total' row (9th row). On the first sheet, there are nearly 3500 rows of data.
On the third sheet, I want to produce each row in the 1st sheet, multiplied by the 9th row on the second sheet. I use formula to do this multiplication. For the first cell on Sheet3, i.e B2, the formula is something like this

Formula for C2='Sheet1'!C2*'Sheet2'!C9
Formula for Z2='Sheet1'!Z2*'Sheet2'!Z9

After filling the formula for B2, I just drag it sideways to auto-fill the other cells upto Z2. It works fine.
The problem starts when I drag the formula downwards. For example, when I drag it from B2 to B3, I get something like this.
But I want the same row on sheet2 to be multiplied with each row in Sheet1. i.e, I want
='Sheet1'!B3*'Sheet2'!B9 instead of ='Sheet1'!B3*'Sheet2'!B10.

I want the cell number to be incremented in sheet 1, but not in sheet 2.
Is there any way to do this?
Did I make my point clear?
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It would be helpful, if you provide sample workbook with expected result.
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You have to use ='Sheet1'!B2*'Sheet2'!B$9.  "$" means that cell value is fixed so it will not change
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Thank you Rgonzo1971. It works. I accepted your answer.
Thank you Saqib Husain, Syed - your answer came just 1 min after I got the solution. :)
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Not yet accepted though
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