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Displaying multiple content on multiple monitors

Hello Experts

I am trying to find a SW that will enables us to display various types of information - looped PPT presentations, Movies etc.
On 20 different monitors  - we would like this tool to have the flexibility to display different content on different monitors with an easy to use & friendly interface - Can you recommend such a tool?

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VLC media player
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sorry maybe I didn't explain myself correctly, We require to perform this from a single PC or controller something link:
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It's going to be very hard to do it because of some limitations

In general you can connect 3 6 ports video cards to get 18 monitors working but:

1. You need to have motherboard that will support 3 PCIex 16 ports
2. All your video cards has to use same Video Processor (GPU) and all of them must suppotr Crossfire technology
3. You need to use probably more than one power supply because there is no single power supply supports 3 video cards.

Most video cards with taht many monitor are require separate power connection and most new power supply's has special PCIex connector but in most cases they have one or two connections.

Video card spec:

You need two or more SLI capable GPUs.
All cards must use the same GPU, but don't necessarily need to be from the same manufacturer.
All cards need the same Bus width and amount of VRAM.
You'll need SLI or Crossfire bridge to connect the cards.
You cannot have two different SLI or Crossfire configurations. For example, you can't have two GTX 960s and two GTX 980s in the same machine.

Most multiport output video card has only one Crossfire port so you can link it with only one card, So maximum monitors will be 6x2
In your case you need 3 cards but I've never seen 6 or 8 port video card with double crossfire ports.

You can use 2 of this card VisionTek Radeon 7870 2GB GDDR5 6M (6x MiniDP) Graphics Card - 900548 , connect tehm together and get 12 monitors, but this is maximum I found.

Another problem is space in computer, Most of multiport cards with crossfire port occupying 2 slots, so you need to have motherboard with PCIex slots ever second slot.
you could use USB video adapters but each USB adapter will only support 1 monitor. Instead of using 20 small video screens perhaps using 5 4K monitors would suffice
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This is NOT a solution since this is for spreading message and other multimedia to Other computers, SO you need to have 20 working computers in same network to spread multimedia to.

Question was how to connect 20 different monitors to one computer !!!
Tom, the AxisTV software enables you to publish to displays and choose which content is displayed on which screen.