Migration from sql server to oracle

I have converted one sample procedure (SQLserver) to oracle.
Kingly suggest me if this conversion is fine or whether need to change ?

I greatly appreciate your help. I am grateful to you for this since I have no knowledge of SQL SERVER
Thank you again,
With kind regards,
alsatham hussainOracle developerAsked:
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These conditions won't work in Oracle as you intend

If v_FromDt = ''  THEN
ELSIF v_ToDt = '' THEN

A zero-length string is NULL in oracle and you can't check for null with an equality.
Instead write them like this...


Also in Oracle, you don't put column names inside brackets.
If you must use mixed case columns and/or columns with spaces in the names, then put the names in double quotes
For example
Instead of   [Bank Address]  you would use "Bank Address"

I'm not sure what you were trying to do here...

dbo.LON_RPT_fnDayOrderedColln (v_BrID, v_PrdID, v_FromDt, v_ToDt)

If you are using 12c, you can have procedures that return result sets, but that is not normal coding for Oracle
alsatham hussainOracle developerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for spending few minutes
thanks for your time ( thanx, thanx,,,,,)
thank you.
you're welcome, if nothing else, please close the question

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alsatham hussainOracle developerAuthor Commented:
Thank you

alsatham hussainOracle developerAuthor Commented:
dbo.LON_RPT_fnDayOrderedColln (v_BrID, v_PrdID, v_FromDt, v_ToDt)

One stores function calling here

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