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Windows 10 BitLocker

I have Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 desktop added to AD DS
When I try to enable BitLocker, I receive "There is no such object on the server error"
Going to TPM Administration and clicking on Prepare the TPM produces following error
" This computer may require you to change the state of the Trusted Platform Module manually.
To perform this action, try turning on TPM through the BIOS (the status is Active, I've already turned it OFF, restarted, and turned it back ON) or performing firmware  update (I've already ran Lenovo system update and updated all drivers and BIOS)
There is no such object on the server
Error code: 0x80072030
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Or update the schema, you can use adprep for it.
If you do not know how to use adprep.
there is information on how to use adprep in below link
Have you solved it already? If so, how?