What does PayPal consider to be a mobile device?

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I have a client who says that only 18% of their online sales (of a book) come from what PayPal terms, "mobile devices", which appears to be significantly lower than what his web stats indicate are mobile visitors.  All things being equal, his sales should be well over 50% mobile, since well over 50% of his visitors are mobile.

Does PayPal consider tablets such as iPad and Android to be mobile devices?  Or are just phones mobile devices?  I cannot find anywhere where PayPal defines this.
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I can now answer my own question.  I've spoken to PayPal and they have confirmed that mobile devices include phones and all tablets.  They said that mobile sales stats proportionately lower than mobile visitor stats is normal because many people will browse using a mobile device, but may not want to purchase on a mobile device due to security concerns (being in a public area, etc.)


This info comes from PayPal.

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