Deploy updates to Firefox settings

The latest version of Firefox has several changes that are causing headaches for many of my clients. I’ve managed to resolve these problems via changes in Options or going through about:config.

I’m looking for a quick way to deploy these changes so that I don’t have to do all the steps manually on every PC.

Do any of you know a quick way to deploy updates to Firefox settings so that I could make a file with just specific updates and all their other settings would be unaffected?

The clients are from a variety of companies that I support so they aren't all on the same network. Very few of them are even on a domain, so there's no way to centrally roll out updates.

Thanks in advance.
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I think that the simpliest way is to use your own user.js file as it overrides all the settings made by other means.

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jrmcanada2Author Commented:
There are five specific settings I want to set. But I want to leave all the other settings unchanged since different users have different settings.
Settings from user.js will override the chosen settings only.
All other user settings will remain intact.
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But bear in mind that such method is considered user-hostile as it states here:
jrmcanada2Author Commented:
Thank you!
jrmcanada2Author Commented:
Thank you very much
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