Local Intranet site default document doesn't load. Rest of the site is accessible. IIS7. IE11

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I have a local Intranet site that is running on IIS 7, Windows 2008 Server Standard. Just recently I have come across an issue where the home page does not load in Internet Explorer (seems OK in Chrome). The rest if the site is accessible if you paste the URL into the address bar. I can get the home page working again by performing IISRESET or manually restarting the site through IIS. However, it doesn't last long and I soon have to go and restart the site again

This issue is present across all networked PC's. It is a very strange one as this particular site has been running for about 6 years with absolutely no issues. The only event that I can trace back to was when I made a routine update to the site, however I have updated this site hundreds of times over the years with no issues

Any help appreciated

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Disable friendly errors in ie in the event the iis log for said access reflect an error.
Your question seem to ignore the possibility of an error on the page. View source to confirm data is received, but rendering is the issue.

Default document is presented by iis commonly without regard to the browser, but may vary if you've setup your server based on the preferred language .

Page info on chrome to confirm you are not looking at a cached copy lady modified date.

Since this is an intranet site, all I can offer is suggestion where you should look.

Consulting iis site logs could confirm requests received... Are on the correct location........ If iis serve's multiple sites.


Thanks for your response

The fact that the page would sometimes load but then stop lead me to believe it was an IIS issue. However your comment that I was ignoring it could be a page error made me look more into that. I took a backup of the default page and then bit by bit went through removing elements and bang - I removed something and it was working absolutely fine. I have re-created this part of the page making sure everything is correct and now all looks OK

It is strange as the part of the page that seemed to be causing the issue had not been changed. Your comment pointed me in the right direction so thank you for your help


Pointed me in a direction I had not considered and resulted in the issue being fixed

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