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I'm looking for an recommended solution for a client of mine. The client's HQ is in London and there are offices in Hong Kong and New York. When they started they sign up Office 365 E3 plan. They created teamsite using sharepoint but as the company grew more files were saved to sharepoint. As you know there's a limitation on the number files/folder that can be sync with the agent. (was told agent is fixed but don't want to go back). So they migrated to However sync is a problem. Files get locked and updated save files were not syncing to the cloud.

I came from traditional setup environment with A/D, file server and exchange server on-prem. User will be mapped to the file server. Can you share your thoughts that will work for them? I am thinking of get AWS EC2 and the offices can connect to it using VPN. However, I don't know which region should the instance be created under. Since they are globally spread out, if an instance is created in USA the users in Asia and Europe will have slow connection. Vice versa.

If any AWS expert reading this, can EC2 instances be created globally then use DFS or other third party software to replicate across globally? Thoughts or other solution? Thank you
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I'd go back to onedrive for business (sharepoint) but not in the old way. Office365 groups and teams are awesome and no one will even notice it's backed by sharepoint.

I don't recommend this but If you really want to go more traditional instead of the sync method, azure has a new SMB file as a service. So imaging a file share without a file server
SMB/CIFS are verrrry chatty therefore very sensitive to latency. I wouldn't recommend it to be used with your geo spread.

EC2 instances can be replicated globally.

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