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How long to re-enable Logical drive on HP ProLiant

I have a server With 2 defected disks and Logical drive error. I have swaped the disks and only option is to re-enable Logical volume.
I did so and now the Icons on the server tower is spinning becaus things rebuilds. But, how long will it take? I dont have a GUI to view status. I closed til HP Array software and only option is to reboot or shut Down. I problably shouldnt do that until array is rebuild.
It is 7 disks  à 600GB sff 10K in raid 5.
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yes but the logical drive has to be rebuilt before i can recover from backup. I just Wonder how long it usuallt take. its 9 pm here now and i have waited 2 hours alreade. I Wonder if i should og to bed or do you think its will be ready soon?
All leds on bays as spinning in circles.
Since you know you're going to need to recover from backup, just stop the process, re-create the array from scratch and do your restore.

With your drive size you could be looking at DAYS before it's done.

We had a server at a customer site do basically the same thing.  We got new drives, flattened the drive and started over from scratch, restored the data and was done faster than if we had let the drive rebuild on its own.
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I'll give it a shot. maybe we're Lucky. Thanks.
Only viable solution provided.