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Record Lock on Database will not go away

I have a Backend Access Data Base, that has an associated Record Lock File, yet noone is logged into the database.  Every time I try to delete it it says another user has the DB. However I do not see who that person is.

How do I find out who has it locked.
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i have rebooted the server and still it shows being locked?
Check your antivirus on both your machine and server....disable them and try again...
Did you try deleting the lock file after the reboot?  Rebooting won't delete the file but it should kill what ever process was locking it.
Hi Yes i did try and delete it after reboot
Thank you that worked
It's a little pesky and most network admins are loath to reboot a server if they don't have to.  You just have to convince them to do it but in your case, you were lucky enough to have the power to do it yourself.
Yes  now on to my bigger issues
Couple other comments:

1. A LDB will also get left behind if a user abnormally disconnects from the DB.  As Pat said, all users should have delete priv's.   Check this and then if the LDB continues to get left behind, you've got other issues.

2. It is possible to release the lock on the LDB without rebooting the server.   If it's a network connection, you just have to close the session.  That's done from Computer Managernt, Files and Shares.

  If the lock is from a local logon, then you would need to use something like process Explorer that can find the handle and kill it.