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AS400 QAOSDIAJRN / APYJRNCHG Processing After Sync

This is an ongoing project to sync Office Vision on a 610 (v4r5) to backup system a 170 (v4r4).

We did a full system save of the main system and restored it to the backup system, changed license keys, IP address, and address Id on the backup machine then did a full system save on it.

The restored receivers where not what I expected (please see attached document). I've include screen shots and steps I took. The questions are posted at the bottom of the document. Basically I'm not able to restore the journals (have not tried apyjrnchg with the seq numbers).

Thank you for any assistance.
Lynn Sync-Information.docx
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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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Hi Gary,

Thank you. I tried the specific name receiver and the full range of journals on it. Still think 1445 is correct, but I used the wrong starting journal number. I used about 5 entries prior to the first seq number after the save. I've done print screen prints (with date time stamps) and will send it if further assistance is needed.  I want to test again before posting, but I will not be able to do it tonight (machine is down). However, I wanted to say thanks. (more soon)

I have not been able to do any more testing. I've been pull into another project for a couple days.  
More soon.

Thank You!