is my vga monitor cable bad

james mullaney
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my 17 inch dell monitor will not connect to dell  PC         monitor says in power save mode. Remove PC end no difference.remove monitor end with PC end still removed monitor clears to color self test  used an ohm meter and checked continuity of all pins pin 4 and 11 were open.  I looked at the description of the pin outs  pins 4 and 11 are monitor id bits 2 and 0.  do I have a bad cable
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Senior Engineer
Try it in another computer.  Could be a bad video card.

As you have 2 open pins/wires I'd say chances are good the cable is bad.
RaminTechnical Advisor
UNPLUG the power cord that connects to the back of the Monitor, wait for a few minutes to remove any residual electricity and then plug it back in, and retest.

Check the monitor manual for Monitor Factory Reset if exist.

AlsoTry another monitor on this PC.
Though it is not a good sign that the two pins don't show continuity, I think that the monitor should still be detected and display something without those pins available.  I'd expect that the computer would be unable to detect the proper monitor type (resolution, refresh, etc.) and would default to something pretty basic (e.g. 800x600 60Hz).

Substituting a known good monitor, cable, or computer would tell a lot.   Used VGA monitors can be had from Goodwill for $10-20 around here.
Scott CSenior Engineer

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