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MS Access Database must be corrupt

I have a MS Access database   (2007-2013 file format).  It is really behaving terribly.

1.  It has created a duplicate row with the same Indexed, duplicates "NO" field.
2.  It is consistently going into Recordset not updatable and locking the users from Updating any records or creating new ones.
3.  I have tried to Compact and Repair mutliple times.
4.  I tried to open a fresh new DB and tried to export the tables and received the following:
Reserved error <Item>; there is no message for this error. (Error 3000)

The database is split, I have a FE and BE.

PLease help!!
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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1 Create a fresh db
2 import everything but the problem table
3 import the structure only of the problem table
4.  Link to the table in the old db
5 use append query to pull all the records, excluding the duplicated one

You may need to turn off relationships and/or indexes to make this happen

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hi Jim

I followed your steps and received

"reserved Error (-1524), there is no message for this error"
Probably some tables get corrupted in the curr BE ,which were not repaired by a compact. And reason for the occurrence of this error. If you have the recent healthy backup, you may replace with this. If you don't have the current backup available and unable to recover your data, Microsoft Access recovery tool will help you to recover your precious data.
Just out of interest, do all of your users use their own copy of the FE, or are they sharing a FE located on your network.  If the latter, you need to change to the former.

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@jason  yes i have tried recovering restores from previous days, it works for a bit then I get all kind of crazy behaviour as out lined above.

Can not figure out if its the query causing this or the data is hosed.  I have attached the fe and be verison if you wold be so nice to take a look.

On the FE it is from the Main CASES screen where you click to add a new record and boom the issue is apparent.
Pretty sure this is a corrupt DB....had another question I just looked at from Seamus about an LDB file getting left behind.

Seamus, one of the other reasons a LDB file gets left behind is it tells you what station cause the DB file to corrupt

HI Jim

What station?? I am not familiar with that.  I would agree I have a corrupt database however I can not seem to fix it, and the data can not be thrown away.  So I am trying to get this DB back up and running from the restore point I attached to this string. That database has all the records I need to maintain.
When a user connects to a JET database, an entry is made in the LDB file and a user lock is taken.    The entry is the station/PC name that is connecting (network name), and the Access user (which in later versions is always 'admin').

If the connection is broken, the LDB file remains behind with the corrupt flag set.   If the flag is on, then using the LDB Viewer, you can tell what station had a broken connection.

 As far as the DB, either you need to re-construct it as I outlined, go to a backup, or look for a recovery/repair service, like

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Would anyone be willing to have me pay them to try and help me fix this problem?
I fixed the solution with out the assistance of the experts