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SQl backup files getting corrupted when backed up from NetApp CIFS share

We have VERITAS NetBackup backing up data on several NetApp CDOT 8.3.2P3 CIFS shares.

The SQL servers run automated maintenance plans that back the databases up to folders on a CIFS share.  We then backup this Cifs share using NetBackup, via the UNC.  This has worked for five years (we only upgraded to 8.3 and CDOT in the past 12 months but we MUST have had a restore in this time period.)

The .bak file which we restore to disk from tape is exactly the same size but does not pass an MD5 Checksum and shows as being corrupt if we try to do a SQL restore from it.

If we do a SQL restore from the .bak file on the CIFS share all is well.  If we manually copy the .bak file to another share or folder we can also restore it.   I tried copying a .bak file to a local drive on the media server and backing THAT up and restoring it to another local drive and that worked fine.  the MD5 Checksum passed.

I have tried other CIFS shares as the source and destination to no avail.  I also tried backing up from a CIFS share and restoring to a local folder with no success.  

Data de-duplication and compression are enabled on the SQL backup volume but I have had similar issues on volumes where I have disabled those features.  Furthermore there has not been time for de-duplication or compression to run in my testing today.

This issue exists in databases from SQL 2005 through 2014.

I have no such issue with the other file types which I have tried.

Has anyone seen this issue before?
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you may need to rollback from ver  8.3 and contact vendor support
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