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asked on mvc

Hi Guys,
I have scenario when I have ul and inside the ul I insert dynamic li with jquery.

Please look at the code:
var rows = $("#addnew_product").append("<li style='font-size:16px'>" + txt + "</li>");

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I limited users to insert 4 li in total and after the finish to insert the li I want to grab the text for each li the insert and for this I did something like that.

                var row1 ="li:nth-child(0)");
                var row2 ="li:nth-child(1)");
                var row3 ="li:nth-child(2)");
                var row4 ="li:nth-child(3)");

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The issue with the code above is that each child show the same text and add the last text from the previous row.
My question:
How can I get the text from each dynamic li.?

thanks ,
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Lokesh B R
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Thank you for your answer, but I found the way of doing it:

var ul1 = $("#addnew_product li:nth-child(1)");
var ul2 = $("#addnew_product li:nth-child(2)");
var ul3 = $("#addnew_product li:nth-child(3)");

after user finish to insert row dynamically I just take all the child from another method.