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We use a task to change DCOM settings at 8 p.m. so the Windows Updates can run at night.  Then it changes back at 8 a.m. in order to allow certain applications to run.  We use a separate scheduled task for each change.  The User for the tasks is SYSTEM and it is set to run if the user is logged in or not.  It seems to work fine .. or has at least.

We have a new standard/local User profile.  When it's logged in, we don't see these tasks if we open Task Scheduler.  Yet, the tasks are in c:\Windows\system32\tasks.  If I log in as an Administrator then the tasks are visible in Task Scheduler.

Is this normal?
What's the implication of this?
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Must be a permissions issue. Try opening tasks schedule "as Administrator" when logged in as local user profile. If you see the tasks then, it is definitely a permissions issue.
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This is normal behavior. There are permissions on those task files and read means "visible" in this case. The standard users don't have read permissions on tasks that others setup.



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