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cannot view videos at msnbc

I get a picture of a key. This just started today. I am on Windows 10. I am attaching a screen shot. Anyone know what is happening? It is the same on firefox, explorer, and chrome.
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Tom Cieslik
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This website is using Flash Player to play video.
Check your browser security settings and try update Flash Player from Adobe website
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How do I get access to the channel?
 msnbcTV is offered through participating TV providers in the U.S. at no additional cost.

 To access msnbcTV, verify your TV provider by clicking on the key icon you see on the player for live TV and full episodes; this will take you to the TV provider log-in page. Not sure if your TV provider offers this service or have questions about your account? See our Account Verification FAQ for more answers.
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Hello. I am accessing it from here:

I just updated flash but I am getting the same thing. I attaching a screen shot that has the bottom of the screen as well where I can see some code showing up even though it should not be.
I should say that that screen shows on all three browsers
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Check your date and time, if it's out of whack that can cause your system to see valid certificates as invalid.
Thank you. I am checking and time and date are correct.
Can you click on that lock on the screen ?
I just rebooted my router and now it works. What does that mean?
It means that your router started acting wonky and needed a restart. What model is it anyway?
A restart about once every so often (maybe 1-2 months) is never a bad idea. However, you can also check to see if there are any updates for your router. Sometimes firmware updates help. However, only go that route if you start getting annoyed with having to do the restarts too often.