How to configure virtual host in apache2 to have its own root folder

Here is my question, I want to have 2 wordpress installation inside my VM.

folder structure:

url structure:
site1:    ipaddress/
site2:    ipaddress/site2

the problem I am facing is that I want site2 independent without access to site1, so when I put in on link inside site2 like this   /page1.html it should not go to ipaddress/page1.html, but it should go  to ipaddress/site2/page1.html So all resources would be block to current root of site2.

So how should be the config inside apache2. I am using alias, but it let all requests from site2 got to root of site 1. that can not happen.
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Julian HansenCommented:
If you are going to be using the IP address to access the sites then your only option is to use aliases i.e.


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<IfModule alias_module>
  Alias /site1 "/home/site1"
  Alias /site2 "/home/site2"
  <Directory "/home">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews ExecCGI
    AllowOverride All
	Require all granted

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Alias one (site1) would be accessed by http://ipaddress/site1
Alias two (site2) would be accessed by http://ipaddress/site2

To have them on different urls you would need to setup different domain names for each - for instance you can do the following. Create the following DNS / Hosts entries
site1.local => ipaddress
site2.local => ipaddress 

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Then setup your virtual hosts as

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/home/site1"
    ServerName site1.local
    ErrorLog "logs/site1.local-error.log"
    CustomLog "logs/site1.local-access.log" common
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/home/site2"
    ServerName site2.local
    ErrorLog "logs/site2.local-error.log"
    CustomLog "logs/site2.local-access.log" common

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Now you would access them as

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and you'd need to set the base directory in your wordpress config to the proper one so you don't get redirected to the webserver's root. by default wordpress assumes it is installed at the webserver's root.

using named-based virtual hosting or different server ports for each site is much simpler.
Julian HansenCommented:
and you'd need to set the base directory in your wordpress config
We do that in the .htaccess
RewriteBase /site1
RewriteBase /site2

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Should work as well providing wp uses the base html tag and relative links. Given that s you speaking i assume you checked or know
Julian HansenCommented:
No base tag - links are absolute.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /site1/
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /site1/index.php [L]

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my bad. did not notice it acted at the rewrite level... interesting ( and slightly double-edged ) feature. thanks for pointing this out
best regards
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