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Hello Experts,

I was performing an installation of Business Objects 4.2 and the CMS and Audit databases were created. However, not sure what I did, but the audit tables ended up in the CMS Table. Is there an easy way to move them out of CMS DB to the Audit DB without damaging pointers etc?

In the CMC I have the db connection pointed to the Audit db, but the tables are in the CMS db. I need to move them over to Audit db.

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The create/copy on the db is one step, your application installation may have their own referencing that based on your responses combined though I am unfamiliar with the application you reference so it is hard to respond to the impact specifically if as many use stored procedures, viewers etc.
that will complicate severing.

If this is an initial install where there is not data, starting ...
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What about changing only the database names? It won't work for you?
Anyway, you can always use the Import/Export wizard and delete the tables after copying them to the correct database:
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Member_2_7964761, a feedback will be appreciated.



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