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VLAN Issue

I am setting up a VLAN according to the attached diagram. I am not sure this will work, as the firewall will be at a remote location that receives its internet from my location, BUT I also want direct access to their network at my location. The issue is the ISP connection. I want those ports to be without an IP configuration (HP Procurve IP set to disabled). Do, I have that traffic be tagged. My understanding on Procurves is that I can have one port on a VLAN be untagged traffic.

Previously I had problems with the ISPs ARP tables and these switches if they were not set to IP disabled. So, I want the VLAN attached to the external ports and the ISP to basically be "dumb," but still have the VLAN to the internal network. Please see the attached diagram.
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Glenn Manry

8/22/2022 - Mon
Andy Bartkiewicz

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Andy Bartkiewicz

Also Port 3 on the top switch will need to be a routed port and set as the gateway of last resort
Glenn Manry

I apologize, the dotted lines in my diagram are for implication of connection via the trunk. I made that diagram for lay people, and I left out some explanatory text in order to mask specifics.

So, I have the trunk and the VLAN 10 and 20 for the proper separation of functions. However, my FW is doing the routing. Should I change the layer 3 switch to a layer 2?

Glenn Manry

I believe the layer 3 switch is interfering with the setup. I am going to re-implement with two layer two switches.
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