Does moving a virtual machine (vm) into a folder in vcenter impact the vm at all?

Dave Nimai
Dave Nimai used Ask the Experts™
Was looking to organize the vms in levels, from most critical to least critical, using folders in the VMs and Templates tab in vcenter.  

Will this impact the virtual machines at all?  
Will moving the virtual machines into folders while they are online cause issues?
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Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  


In the VM itself you dont have any impact moving VMs between folders.

The only impact in VMs that could happen is only if you move live VMs between datastores. This could happen in the performance of the VM. But even this depends on the Infraestructure.



Hi Luciano, to clarify - if i move vms between folders, there will be no impact on the vms.

For example, if i movie a windows domain controller into a folder, there will be no impact to that domain controller.  Is this correct?

The only impact we will experience is if we move a vm between datastores.  Please confirm.
ICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  
We are talking about vCenter folders right? Not VMFS Storage folders?

If yes just normal vCenter folders, yes there is zero impact in the VM.

Example: Will share a print screen. If in vCenter I drag my DC VM from Folder A to Folder B, no impact.



Yes!  Norma vcenter folders.  Not VMFS storage folders!  Thank you so much, this is perfect information.  I appreciate your help.

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