Where so I start at for making my own business?

Eric Tubbs
Eric Tubbs used Ask the Experts™
I would like to start a small business but lack the plan or resources. For my business I'll be working From home. I know the risk of home strain.  So I don't have to worry about space for now. What I'm really asking for Is advice on a starting point. Any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.
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Tyler BrooksNetwork and Security Consultant
It's difficult to answer the question without getting a sense of the sort of business it is.

Generally the first thing you need to figure out is what kind of licenses etc. (if any) you need to run a business out of your home. From there I would identify the sorts of customers you are looking to attract and brainstorm/research the best way to get their attention. If the business is service based, it's not a bad idea to setup some basic written guidelines surrounding services, guarantees etc. If your business is inventory based then you need to identify who your suppliers are going to be, and decide whether you want to stock product for sale or start off by drop shipping the product. Those are some general starting points but without knowing more about the business it's hard to get more specific.
Business Consultant (Owner)
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Having done this myself and still working for myself, you need to network for clients.

Make up a decent business card,
Make up a flyer that you can distribute to local businesses that could be clients.
Make sure you have a smart phone so as to work on the fly.
Determine if you wish to incorporate of work as a sole proprietor.

Incorporation: around $2,000.
Business cards, flyers, supplies: $1,000.
Laptop computer unless you already have one.  You can shave the costs above.

But Network and keep networking to get clients
gilnovSystems Administrator
Meanwhile, click "Contribute > Find Freelance Projects" at the top of this page. Assuming, that is, your business is something IT-related.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Freelance here is a route to follow. Freelance came here long after I became adept at getting and keeping clients and I have not seen a lot of freelance opportunities that fit me well.

So be sure to take advantage of local networking opportunities.
you might want to start here:
Starting a Business

Are you thinking about starting a business of your own? Explore the topics below to learn the aspects of starting a business, plus find information you need to succeed...

How to Start a Business:
  - Write Your Business Plan
  - Choose Your Business Structure
  - Choose & Register Your Business
  - Choose Your Business Location & Equipment
  - Business Licenses & Permits
  - Learn About Business Laws
  - Business Financials
  - Finance Your Business
  - Filing & Paying Taxes
  - Hire & Retain Employees

you can find other good resources on the internet on how to create a business plan

if you think you need financing, you will definitely require a business plan!


Thank you everyone for your input.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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You are very welcome. Your own business can be reliable and rewarding so I offer you my best wishes starting up.

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