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Hyper-v Storage Live migration, boot failure

i just did a Hyper-v Storage live migration , migration says ok, but machine reports boot failure, i can't mount the vhdx, says corrupted. Any dirty quick fixes for this ?
Windows Server 2012 failover cluster
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try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
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not really into testing products, if there is a way other way instead of buying some product it would be great. as i see it's some bug in win2012 hyper-v migrations :(
The source was a CSV and the destination was a?

Please post the results of the following PowerShell (elevated if GUI installed):

All nodes in the cluster:
Get-VMHost | fl VirtualHardDiskPath,VirtualMachinePath

One node in the cluster:
Get-ClusterNode | foreach {Get-VMHost -ComputerName $_.Name} | ft ComputerName,VirtualHardDiskPath,VirtualMachinePath -AutoSize

The only time we've seen issues with Storage Migrations was when node setups were not identical, storage was not set up identically across all nodes, the above settings were not configured correctly, or on smart storage the LUNs were not shared correctly across all nodes.

Is the cluster fully patched with hotfixes applicable to the OS running on the nodes for cluster being applied?
from one csv to another csv

One other thing, i have snapshots on Lun from which i have migrated and tried to attach a snapshot to see it on a host, i see the disk but cant do anything with it. i thought to mount a snapshot and copy the vhdx files that are "clean", since it is a production i dont really want to fiddle with it, tried to find some info on EMC pages but nothing, suppose snapcli is not used anymore....
A Hyper-V snapshot or one done in the storage management console?

Is the cluster up to date including all relevant hotfixes for Hyper-V and cluster?

Please post the PowerShell results.
snapshots from the storage management
i have attached the screenshot of Powershell results in previous reply
What was the source directory for the VHDX and configuration files and what was the destination directory for them?
C:\ClusterStorage\Volume4 to C:\ClusterStorage\Volume5
The VM was online when the Storage Live Migration took place I take it? Did it BSOD just after the SLM completed or before?

Does Failover Cluster Manager have any errors logged?
Machine was online unfortunately, no errors logged. i think it went down just after migration was over
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it worked