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Christian Hans
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In Office 365, Microsoft Teams is included in the E1, E3 and E5 licenses by default.

I only want to enable Microsoft Teams for a certain subset of employees until we have a better understanding and can manage it before allowing the entire company to use it.

1. Does anyone have a powershell script to unassigned the Microsoft Teams feature for all O365 users, leaving all other licenses in tack?
2. Once unassigned, is there another command to enable the Microsoft Teams feature for those few users we select to test with?

Thanks in advance.
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Over the past year or so I have used a few methods all based around on-prem AD group membership for licensing the various features.

I started with the PowerShell using the MSOL cmdlets to manage this and am now using the Azure Graph API via PowerShell to do this, but it is all part of a much larger identity management solution so I can't really put it up here. That said, Microsoft have recently introduced licensing templates for O365. Check out:


I think this will natively in O365 achieve what you are looking to do. I certainly wish this was around at the start, but our solutions are now well entrenched to change.
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Group-based licensing requires Azure AD Premium subscription though, so it's not ideal solution.

@Christian, the steps are pretty much the same as with disabling any other service(s). Here's an example:

$licenseplan =  New-MsolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId "tenant:ENTERPRISEPACK" -DisabledPlans "TEAMS1"
Get-MsolUser | ? {$_.Licenses.AccountSkuId -eq "tenant:ENTERPRISEPACK"} | Set-MsolUserLicense -LicenseOptions $licenseplan

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That's assuming users already have the corresponding E3 license. You will have to repeat the same for E1/E5, by replacing the SKU above.

Enabling is similar, just refresh the LicenseOptions with Teams enabled.
Group-based licensing requires Azure AD Premium subscription though, so it's not ideal solution.

Azure AD is only required during preview, and you can just spin up a trial to play with in the mean time (Worst case you're looking at $1/month for an Azure  AD Basic subscription). But yes right now you do need AAD, though it will be opened to Enterprise E3 subscriptions too without needing an Azure AD subscription when it goes general availability which won't be too far off.
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Review this article for granularly assigning license options.

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