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SQL Query Grouping Question Record Inserts

Hello all,

Looking for a clean way to do the following little tricky.

Table:  Customer
CustomerDate     CustomerName     CustomerCode    CustomerLocID    Quantity
3/10/17                 ABC Corp                 CDO                      345XCC                  100
3/10/17                 ABC Corp                 CDO                      345XCC                  300
3/10/17                 ABC Corp                 CDO                      789UNN                120
3/10/17                 ABC Corp                 CDO                      789UNN                  85

I have two tables I need to do the following:

Table:  CustomerRoot
CustomerID    CustomerDate     CustomerName    CustomerCode
(Identity Col)

Table:  CustomerDetail
CustomerID   CustomerLocID   Quantity

I need to group the records above by the Customer fields  record with just these fields:
CustomerDate     CustomerName     CustomerCode    CustomerLocID

Gather those grouped sets then create one CustomerRoot record and two CustomerDetail records per CustomerLocID set.   There is a reason I can't add the CustomerLocID to the CustomerRoot table some special circumstance I am dealing with these tables the CustomerRoot record won't be unique other than the Identity CustomerID.   It is like I need to get the detail records together grouped then create the Root and Detail records.   Example ResultSet:

Table:  CustomerRoot - only want these fields in this root table
CustomerID    CustomerDate     CustomerName    CustomerCode
1                       3/10/17                  ABC Corp               CDO
2                       3/10/17                  ABC Corp               CDO

Table:  CustomerDetail
CustomerID   CustomerLocID   Quantity
1                      345XCC                 100
1                      345XCC                 300
2                      789UNN               120
2                      789UNN                 85

Thanks for any help all.
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