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In eclipse when i expand on a project i see MAven Dependencies and target
I am trying below example
i like to know when to what is use of MAven Dependencies and target

please advise
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Maven dependencies is there to list ALL the dependencies included into your project based on the pom.xml. It just makes it easy to see what libraries are included, and you can drill down into each one and see the packages and classes that each contains.

"target" is just the folder on your hard drive that .class/.jar files that Maven/Eclipse compiles and builds from your source files. It is in a separate directory because in all/most cases your should be able to just delete ALL the contents under this "target" directory and then the build process can re-create them. Another reason is that normally you would only check the "src" directory into a source code repository (eg. git, svn, etc) and leave out "target".

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