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Shay Pry
Shay Pry used Ask the Experts™
Is there a way to have incoming email messages redirect from one shared inbox to another AND have a customized auto reply email message letting users know to use the new inbox go forward? I have access to both shared inboxes. Outlook 2013
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Systems Administrator
If I am reading your question right, you can do this. Just set up a regular out-of-office autoreply on the first mailbox using OWA or Outlook. Then, on the Exchange server or Office 365 portal, set a forwarder on the first mailbox (the one you want to forward from).
On Exchange server, open the mailbox properties, click the Mail Flow Settings tab, dbl-click Delivery Options, under "Forwarding address" check the "Forward to" box and fill the email address of the second mailbox (the one you want messages to go to). If you want messages to stay in both mailboxes check the "deliver messages to both..." box. Ok out of everything and test.
gilnovSystems Administrator

On Office 365, I believe you can set up a mail flow rule that will do the same thing. Too much to go into though if you aren't using O365.
Dinesh BabuMessaging Engineer

If your objective is to change email address then below is my suggestions,
1. Add new SMTP email address to the existing mailbox.
2. Set 'automatic replies' with new email address and older one deadline. Like "Please drop your emails to "" existing email is going to deprecate by 22/04/2017. Thank you"
3. If this message is intended for external recipients , then you need to create 'Remote domains' for external domains and set below parameters  so that you can send automatic replies to external clients.
AutoReplyEnabled : True
AutoForwardEnabled : True

Set-RemoteDomain -Identity "Remote domain1" – AutoReplyEnabled $true – AutoForwardEnabled $true
4. If this message is only for internal customers , no need for remote domains.
5. After 22/04/2017 , make newly added SMTP address as 'Primary email address', so that your clients can receive emails from new email address.  But here we didnt remove the existing email address, so still you can receive emails via older email address. Based on your requirement you can remove the older email address.

simply redirect messages which were intended to mailbox1 to mailbox2
Set-Mailbox "Mailbox1" -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $true -ForwardingSMTPAddress ""
Also you need to set automatic replies on Mailbox2 ,so that your customers aware of new mailbox/email address.
Creating remote domains and setting parameters are same here too.


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