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DNS CNAME records visibility on a web server

Have a question about DNS CNAME records and what web servers see. (unfortunately I don't have an environment where I can just test this)

if I have the following domain names:

I can create them all as A records pointing directly to the IP address and the web server sees whatever the user types in the browser and everything works as planned.

But to simplify life I'd like to create one of these as the "primary" domain name as an A record and the others as an "alias" domain name with a CNAME record.
So if is an A record and is a CNAME to what does the web server see what the user types in ?
Does it see or ?

Does it depend on the type of web server?
Or does DNS just work it's magic in resolving the domain names to an IP and the web server doesn't know anything about it?
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Thanks, that's what I hoped would be happening.