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pamela rizk
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is there any way to catch event when leaving  iframe ?
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Steven KribbeSoftware Engineer

You can detect the loss of the focus of an iframe with this small piece of jQuerycode:

$(document).focusout( function(){
       setTimeout(function() {
       // used setTimeout to make sure the event is passing the event loop and call your logic as well
       if (document.activeElement instanceof HTMLIFrameElement) {
             // do stuff
it has been solved using the below method:

 var eventMethod = window.addEventListener
                        ? "addEventListener"
                        : "attachEvent";
            var eventer = window[eventMethod];
            var messageEvent = eventMethod === "attachEvent"
                ? "onmessage"
                : "message";
            eventer(messageEvent, function (e) {
               alert('Message from iframe just came!');
pamela rizkDeveloper


this solution worked!

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