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Access points not passing on DHCP, because of Draytek PoE Switch (VLAN related)

Hi guys,

We have some Watchguard access points which have been setup to talk to our VLAN (VLAN3, to be specific). These access points have to be connected to a PoE switch, which is a Draytek P1100, which they are on and they are on and the SSID's can be seen. Then I have connected a cable from a port on the Draytek P1100 directly into the VLAN3 network.

What's happening, from my perspective, is that the Draytek P1100 needs to be configured to pass on the VLAN3 traffic back and receive also. I have done what I can by creating a VLAN and setting a PVID of 3 and having untagged traffic permitted. But something tells me I may be missing something.

This is the manual: http://www.draytek.com/ftp/VigorSwitch%20P1100/Manual/DrayTek_UG_VigorSwitch%20P1100_V1.2.pdf

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for helping
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