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Trying to query data from the 1st of the current year through today

I'm trying to query data from the 1st of the current year through today with this syntax in query designer but it seems I have a syntax error.

Between DateSerial(Year("[Closing Date]"),1,1) And Now()

I've also tried

Between DateSerial(Year("[Closing Date]"),1,1) And Date()

But neither one works.  Can someone help?
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Remove the " ".
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Between DateSerial(Year([Closing Date]),1,1) And Now()

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Quote marks turn the date into a string -- and of course, the fieldname is not a valid date.

If you don't have records AFTER the current date, you can also do this:
>= DateSerial(Year([Closing Date]),1,1) 

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You should also add criteria for [Closing Date]:
Is Not Null

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I've tried the suggestions but am getting all the records instead of just those from 1/1/2017 through Now().  If I replace the suggestions with this:

Between #1/1/2017# And Now()

It works fine.  But I don't want to hard code the 1st date of the current year,

DateSerial(Year([Closing Date]),1,1)

will not return dates prior to the year of Closing Date except if Closing Date is not of data type Date. If Text, use:

    DateSerial(Year(DateValue([Closing Date])),1,1)

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Perfect.  Thanks.
Your welcome.